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From pain to purpose.


Bri's Testimonial

Check out how Bri experienced growing her business form $1,000 a month to $14,000 in just 1 month!!

Self Mastery

Learn how to overcome your subconscious blocks around success and money.

Business Energetics

Calibrate the energetics of your business to attract high quality clients consistently.

Wealth Creation

Put everything together to master the game of wealth and watch your life prosper.

Our Results

Don't just take our word for it. Check out some of the wins we are seeing from our members every single day!!

Megs Testimonial

Listen to Megans story recorded on Feb. 17. Meg went from 12k/month in her business before she started in January and now is touching 50k month range in just 6 weeks!!

The Impakt Legacy Mastermind is the bridge between spirituality and business. Operating on the back bone of leadership and self mastery to help entrepreneurs step into their purpose and carry out their life mission. 

Aly Testimonial

Check out Aly's story. From a school teacher making $40,000 a year to an entrepreneur collecting $27,000 in 7 days just 4 months after leaving her teaching job to start her own business.

What Is Inside?

1 on 1 customized support from a coach. We do bi weekly check ins with all of our students to make sure you are doing everything you should be doing to build the life you desire.

Over 100 hours of past calls, trainings and resources so you have everything you need to be successful.

Live coaching calls every month and access to our incredible community of like minded people all striving for a better life.

Gonzalo Testimonial

Gonzalo just finished his very first month as a full time entrepreneur. When he started with us his goal was a $20k/month by month 6. He ended up smashing that goal collecting $26,000 in month 1!!!

What We Specialize In

What our calls teach on each month:


We specialize in helping people generate wealth by mastering themselves first. 

Our obsession is turning your pain into your purpose.

We teach principles, not formulas. 

Business Energetics & Self Mastery: the way in which you operate that is attracting either the good or the bad into your business. The bad can be categorized as; scarcity, lack of authority in your space, low/no leads, poor client retention, constant objections on sales calls, marketing that doesn't seem to connect with people, constant stress around money etc. 

By aligning the proper energetics in yourself and business you will see an instant shift in leads flowing to you, perfectly aligned clients that turn into raving brand advocates and send endless referrals, clients marketing for you. You will begin to generate life changing wealth as you recalibrate yourself to a high value business run with the proper energetics.

Somatic Breathwork: Every month we host a somatic breathwork class for all of our entrepreneurs to be able to physically let go of all the stress and overwhelm that comes with the territory of being an entrepreneur. We know how hard it is out there and our goal is to make sure you are no longer holding onto things that aren't serving you; stress, doubt, shame, anxiety, etc.

Leadership Development: There is always room to grow as a leader. We constantly challenge all of our leaders to internally explore their "why" to keep their purpose sharp and keep their eyes forward where they need to be going. Developing the skills of leadership to not only lead themselves but to better lead all who they already serve.

Wealth Creation: To have wealth is to be prosperous in all areas of ones life. Wealth comes from healing. We do not teach people how to get rich. We help people become wealthy and money so happens to be a byproduct of the proper energetics around how they show up in their life. With the proper energetics in themselves and their business, the willingness to let go of what no longer serves them, and the humility to know there is always room to grow as a leader - our entrepreneurs see life changing results that are impossible to replicate elsewhere.

These results are available to everyone who choose to show up and commit to changing their lives. 

We look forward to seeing you on the inside.


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"Working with Nick & joining the mastermind was easily the best decision i've ever made for my business and own personal growth. He is an incredible human who leads with his heart and most importantly makes entrepreneurship FUN. Implementing his "Straight A' Self Mastery" method has made every area of my life transform exponentially""

Kristen Gomez

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